Posted by: pinkytinkael | May 17, 2010

Get Well Soon!!!!!

Well, Pinkytinkael here! Hold the clapping. I am posting something for someone you all should know, Bailey. He has mono. He can only come to school for about 2 hours. Somepeople think getting sick is fun. Cause you get to miss school and things. But it really isnt. Comment telling Bailey to get well soon!!!

Posted by: BaileyB | April 23, 2010


This blog has been officially moved to

Posted by: pinkytinkael | April 23, 2010


Yes, If you are in my class, on April 22nd it is the 40th Earth Day and NATIONAL JELLYBEAN DAY!!!!! Vote on the polls that is coming on here, My favorite is the orange jellybean…………… Do you know of some ways to help the Earth? Here are some I’ll make a caption for every picture…… This is made out of jelly beans…. it is cool so i put it on here, now about the COOLEST PLANET EVA!!!!!!The picture says it all……..    I had to get the message out……Thats all i have and remember BE NICE TO THE EARTH!!!

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sorry here is the link      

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hey pinkytinkael, i got bored, so i went on a thing called twitcam here it is.

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it is funny

Posted by: pinkytinkael | March 14, 2010


I got cool animations, he is getting sick so watch out, here is another, is should say “Luck to the little people” sorry for the inside joke but i got more, the first one is my favorite but this one is my second favorite more, FYI im getting all of these from a email. Another? SURE, HIGH FIVE PEEPS  I think i got another it says its three o’clock ether it is 3 o’clock or Three O’Clock is Irish, I think I got another, let me see… that summer would come faster……… Hoped you people liked the pictures bye.


Posted by: BaileyB | March 13, 2010

This ain’t workin!

Ok, so here’s the thing….. the blog is out of construction.  Yes, we still need a new playlist, and we have to fix technical issues.  But.. for now, just keep coming!  Thanks!


Posted by: BaileyB | March 3, 2010

Copy and paste..

As long as your logged into your Facebook account, you can update your status below, photos, links, and all!

Posted by: BaileyB | March 3, 2010

It’s so many foods…

Ok, I looked up the National food holidays and found out the results for March!  Exciting.. lol!

  • Maple Syrup Saturday–3rd Saturday in March
  • National Noodle Month–March 1-31
  • Poultry Day–March 19
  • Something on a Stick Day–March 28
  • National Crown Roast of Pork Day–March 7
  • National Clams on the Half Shell Day–March 31
  • Spinach Festival–March 26
  • National Potato Chip Day–March 14
  • National Chip and Dip Day–March 23
  • American Chocolate Week–March 14-20
  • National Chocolate Covered Raisins Day–March 24


Here we go… you ready to pig out dis month?


Posted by: BaileyB | March 2, 2010

Ok.. are you ready?

Yes, we have finally decided to go under construction…  You will still be able to view this blog, but we probably won’t be updating much… at least better than shutting it down completely, i guess! 

      Anyways, the new URL will be but it isn’t open yet, so don’t jump on it… please stay tuned and keep coming!  Thanks!

~Bailey and Andrea

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