Posted by: pinkytinkael | January 11, 2010

Snowballs now, what for later

I, Pinkytinkael have been thinking, we have winter like once a year what are we going to do when summer comes. I’ve been think big, VERY big. In the summer, we could protect, (drum roll) MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! JK I think we should protect like what snowballs are made of,  let’s protect (drum roll again) WATER. No that does’t mean don’t drink water I mean don’t hurt water. I bet you are think how do we not hurt water, well DON’T STOMP IN PUDDLES. SEE DON’T BE THAT LITTLE BOY. So please be like thisget in your car or someones car or it would help the earth if you justed walked to places but when you are walking places, don’t step in puddles. Same with snowballs, when they are here, DON’T STEP ON THEM and i want to put some pictures of snowballs on the siteisn’t this picture funny LOL. here are some morei call this one “Don’t watch me eat my snowball ” Don’t worry people i gave him a ticket here is another one that is what i call a snowball, I think i shall post another Oh to get off topic… (like we do in class) NEVER eat snowcones i think ice cones are fine but NEVER eat snow cones like this bad kitty here is another picture I think we should get sweatshirts but they should say like STOP SNOWBALL ABUSE so if you see sweatshirts like please do not get them well that is all

Bye for now,


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