Posted by: BaileyB | January 20, 2010

Haiti in need…… of us.

Haiti Flag

As many/all of you know, Haiti has experienced an earthquake.  The magnitude was 7.0.  Many came in to help, several wonderful donations were given, and much more.  All were doing well until in which what seemed the worst happened.  The aftershock.  This wasn’t any old aftershock of a magnitude of 1.0 or something.  No, this aftershock was 7 points less than the real earthquake itself.  With a raging magnitude of 6.2, this aftershock killed more than 50,000 people.  Major drop in world population.  Besides that, all or most of Haiti and it’s capitol was completely ruined.

Many are constantly bringing this to attention. Many donations, food drives, and more happened.  Now, I know all of you want to help.  And if you don’t, think like this, “What would I want if this happened to ME!?”  Well, if you want is the same as mine, you’re gonna want to pitch in.  And there is a way.  Click on the link below to play Fruitopia.

Why?  Because just by playing it, $10 dollars is donated.  That means, with just 10 people playing, $100 dollars is given right then.  And 100 people playing, that’s $1,000.  Can you imagine more people.  Please play.

You can also donate by texting HAITI to 90999.  $10 is just added to your cellphone bill.

Or text Yele to 501501 to donate $5.  $5 is added to your next phone bill.

Also, by playing FarmVille, if you are a registered user, you are donating to Haiti while you play.  They also have “Seeds for Haiti” which when are bought, Zenga games gives more of a donation to Haitains. 

I hope you all donate or do something about this.  So lets sidetrack our minds from snowballs and bring our full attention to Haiti.  Help the Haitains!  Join the cause!



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