Chat Page

Chat here with other Ice creamers!

Just a few Rules….

  • NO cussing, put-downs, or ANY bad language of ANY kind.
  • If you try to tell on someone after they have left AND I didn’t see it I will NOT ban them.  I can only kick or ban someone if I have seen what they have done.
  • No innapropriate videos or pictures.
  • You can use caps at ANY time.
  • You may use chat sounds (#and then a name of a sound) but keep them to  a minumum please!
  • Absolutely NO SPAMMING!
  • Do NOT ask to be a owner because you will not get to be one.
  • No impersonating!
  • And lastly, HAVE FUN!!!!!
  • Banning Regulations:

    You will get 2 warnings.

    Do it again, you will get kicked.

    Come back on and continue, you will be banned for 24 hours straight, no questions asked.

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